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Christmas Appeal 2012

Posted by John Cottrell on Sunday 18 November 2012.

Christmas Appeal 2012Christmas Appeal 2012

Dear Santa Paws,

We have been very good dogs at Meadowgreen this year. To make Christmas a little bit nicer in the kennels while we wait for our new owners and forever homes there are a few things that would really make our tails wag;

- Staying Warm


- Full tummies

Dog chews - raw hides please
Chappie Meat

- Clean and Itch free

News papers …

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Princess, The Walking Skeleton Dog

Posted by John Cottrell on Sunday 18 November 2012.

Princess, The Walking Skeleton DogPrincess, The Walking Skeleton Dog

By Richard Wood
Thursday, September 13, 2012

Anyone who read the article by Richard Wood, see link above, about Princess the Staffordshire Bull Terrier rescued in a state of starvation, would have to question who could be so cruel to neglect a dog so it is less than half its natural weight. Economic times are tough and …

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Meadowgreen in the News

Posted by John Cottrell on Thursday 31 May 2012.

Meadowgreen in the NewsMeadowgreen in the News

An excellent piece about the recent sponsored dog walk appearred in 30th April edition of the Evening news. Written by Derek James. Follow the link to the online version.


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Charlie boy

Posted by John Cottrell on Sunday 20 May 2012.

Charlie boyCharlie boy

Energetic with a great zest for life Charlie really does not belong in a dog home. He deserves to be someones best friend going on adventures and enjoying walks.

Charlie is so friendly and enthusiastic everyone at Meadowgreen struggle to understand why he has not found a home yet.

Could you be the one to give Charlie a forever home. Please come and visit soon. …

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Sponsored Dog Walk Day 2012

Posted by John Cottrell on Sunday 20 May 2012 (updated Monday 21 May 2012).

Sponsored Dog Walk Day 2012Sponsored Dog Walk Day 2012

A huge thank to everyone who took part in today's annual Meadowgreen sponsored walk.

Cherie Coots, Meadowgreen owner said, We were so delighted to see so many people turn up today. There is always that little worry that when you organise these events right up until people start arriving that nobody will come. We have familiar faces and new people turn up. All 34 dogs that …

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