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Never say never

Posted by John Cottrell on Sunday 19 October 2014.

Never say neverNever say never

In recent weeks two of Meadowgreen's longest residents have found furever homes. Nula and Juliano. Having been a part of the Meadowgreen family for so long it is not easy to say goodbye staff could not be happier Nula and Juliano have been re-homed.

Understanding why some dogs are overlooked when others only spend a few days or a couple of weeks in kennels for is a real head scratcher. Could it be if they are overlooked for a while that this can then work against them with longer term residents incorrectly being judged as problem dogs.

Well done to the new families welcoming Nula and Juliano for looking past their long kennel time and showing these dogs' companionship and love.

As a contributor to this site my relationship with Meadowgreen started a good seven years ago when my partner and I adopted an 8 year old stafforshire bull terrier called Coco. She brought such joy into our lives for the 3 years we had with her before we had to let her make her final journey over the rainbow bridge.

Coco had been in kennels for at least 18 months and there were possibly other more "desirable" dogs when we visited. Coco was perfect for us though and her long term residence just meant we felt giving her a home would be even more worth while. A loving and welcome addition to the family I would not hesitate to adopt a longer term resident. Never say never.


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