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Make a donation

We are always more than grateful for any kind of donation.

Giving your time is a lovely way to help us and there are always lots of different jobs that need doing:

  • Walking the dogs (people with experience only).
    Please call us if you would like to walk a dog. We are so grateful to our volunteers and have to balance the number of dogs being walked and available for people to view. Weekends are currently fully booked for volunteers but we do have availability weekdays 11-2pm.
  • Mowing the grass.
  • General help around the kennels.
  • Fund raising, ie coffee mornings, car boot sales, sponsored walks. If you live close enough to pop in we would be very glad of a little of your time.
  • Home checkers, ie experienced dog owners able to visit potential dog re-homers to assess properties suitability - many areas in Norfolk required - please contact us for further information.
  • Blankets and towels gratefully received. No pillows or duvets thank you.

We have to cater for many different diets here at Meadowgreen, so we are always pleased with any donations of food.

We always need old newspapers so if you live close enough to bring your newspapers to us as we would be very glad of them.

Weekends are a peak time for re-homing and we have a regular team of volunteers. If you have some time during weekdays we would be so pleased to see you.

If you want to be a volunteer you need to be 18 or over - contact us for more details. Unfortunately anyone under the age of 18 cannot walk a dog even with adult supervision. This is due to Health and Safety reasons. We are sorry for any disappointment caused.

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