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Did you know? ...

Posted by John Cottrell on Sunday 5 February 2012 (updated Sunday 20 May 2012).

Did you know? ... Did you know? ...

Food, water, medical care, heating and all the other bills associated with running a dog home soon add up. Meadow Green calculated that in 2011 each kennel cost £45 a week to run.

Any donations of food, blankets or time are always very much appreciated. Find out more on our How to Help page.

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Ella re-homed

Posted by John Cottrell on Sunday 5 February 2012.

Ella re-homedElla re-homed

Like Zeus Ella was a longer term resident of Meadow Green and everyone at the dog home is pleased that Ella has found a new home to enjoy. …

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Zeus re-homed

Posted by John Cottrell on Sunday 5 February 2012.

Zeus re-homedZeus re-homed

Meadow Green are very pleased to say that Zeus the longest resident at Meadow Green coming into Christmas has found a new home.

Thank you for everyone's interest in Zeus. The web story before Christmas meant Zeus found a foster home over Christmas and was then re-homed straight after Christmas into a permanent home in the new year.

A lovely success story for Zeus. …

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Happy New Year

Posted by John Cottrell on Thursday 5 January 2012.

Happy New Year Happy New Year

Thank you to everyone for their support in 2011. We really had a great year for rehoming dogs. We hope to continue in the same vein in 2012.

If you would like to add stories having rehomed dogs or ideas for articles please email us and let us know. …

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Gorgeous Ella

Posted by John Cottrell on Sunday 30 October 2011.

Gorgeous EllaGorgeous Ella

Ella, a blue eyed, white coated Husky has been at Meadowgreen for a few months now. Much to the suprise of the staff who thought she would have been re-homed quickly as she is a distinctive looking girl with her piercing blue eyes and gorgeous white coat.

Ella is a friendly soul who enjoys company and would prefer someone who is around most of the …

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